Ivan is an asset to our training facility and brings a wealth of skills and knowledge that I have rarely seen in other trainers and dressage riders. He is committed, patient, determined and dedicated and does whatever is needed to excel. Because of this talent, he would be an immeasurable benefit to the US horse industry.

–  Gregg Buxton, CPL Financial Services, White Plains, New York


Ivan Kelly’s generosity with our pony club is legendary and he has allowed many youth riders to have access to a calibre of dressage training they might not otherwise have access to. For our daughter, Ivan raised the level of professionalism in hundreds of minute details in her riding and showmanship preparation that had been virtually ignored by all her previous trainers.

– Marilyn Storch, Golden Bridge Hounds Pony Club, New York


I can confirm Ivan’s ability as an excellent riding instructor and I highly recommend him without hesitation. He demonstrated his effectiveness as a dressage trainer by exhibiting his enthusiasm for teaching and his kindness, along with his knowledgeable and responsible care in regards to the horses. His gentle and consistent way of dealing with the horse and rider is exemplary. He is able to transcend the gap between age groups in order to get results from his students

– Sigrid Bovensiepen, Irvington, New York


Under Mr Kelly’s guidance we advanced greatly both as riders and horses alike. His expertise has been a great benefit to the horse industry and we look forward to seeing him on the Olympic team

– Carmel Norton, Chairman Nuenna Farm Riding Club, County Kilkenny, Ireland


Ivan has a pleasant and sociable personality. He was always a most careful and conscientious horseman and the well-being of horses under his care was always his top priority.

– Stephen Lanigan O’Keefe, Coolmore Stud, Co Kilkenny, Ireland


Ivan has carved a remarkably linear path towards becoming an outstanding equine athlete. His technical strengths are high level performance, expression and a connection with the horse that resonates with grace and cooperation rather than mere ambition, as with many other accomplished riders. He is a striking ambassador for the sport due to his hugely personable character and broad minded, well educated views.

– Franc Micklem, Irish Ethics Commission


I am able to endorse his reputation as an outstanding talent in Equestrian competition and training.

– Simon Thorpe, President and CEO, InBev USA


Ivan is of high calibre and of a type sought by yards throughout the world. Any yard lucky enough to acquire his services will indeed have found a great asset.

– Caroline Lane, Equipeople Ltd, Co Laois, Ireland